Take Me There:The Proper Hotel In San Francisco

Today I thought I would share the masterpiece that is The Proper Hotel. As you may know, I have a real soft spot for anything that has patterns. So it was only natural that I got major design envy after taking a peek inside this 131-room hotel. Also to my surprise, Kelly Wearstler was the creative mind behind everything. If you are not familiar with who Kelly Wearstler is please take a quick coffee break and google her. If you are a design junkie like me, you may fall in love. I admire how she used colorfully vintage wallpaper and a bold mix of patterns and textures that can be seen throughout the hotel.  Also what’s really cool is that the interior draws inspiration from the building’s early 20th-century history, along with urban grittiness of the emerging neighborhood around the hotel. I call it “Urban Elegance”(Yes I just made that up). Anyhow if you want to check out more of the hotel visit there website and they also will have locations in Austin, L.A., and Santa Monica. Is it weird that my desire to go to San Francisco is to only see the Proper Hotel?

















Images Via The Proper Hotel



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