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Mixed Media Collages by Veerle Symoens

Veerle Symoens is a creative powerhouse. Editorial consulting, concept design,copywriting and photography; she does it all! What’s more impressive is her artistic abilities. She uses photographs that she has taken, along with images that she has found in magazines to recreate unique compositions.  And these mixed media collages are my new obsession. As I continue […]

Camilla Perkins Illustrations - Design Peeper

Illustrations from Camilla Perkins

Camilla Perkins is an illustrator based out of Brighton, and her artwork has become my new obsession. Her bright color schemes and dashing patterns are everything I love in this world. Every piece of artwork is enchanting and lively, truly makes you want more.  Much of her inspiration comes from the world around her as […]

Olimpia Zagnoli- Design Peeper

Olimpia Zagnoli

What’s not to love about Olimpia Zagnoli. I first came across the Milian born illustrator while taking her skillshare class. After that, I was smitten. I really enjoy how she uses simple shapes, negative space, and bright color palettes in most of her illustrations. I believe it takes a really skilled artist to be able […]

Floor Design-Design Peeper

I Have This Thing with Floors

Believe it or not, but I have been starring at feet for the past couple of hours. But I promise it is not what you think. Because I have been actually mesmerized by the floor designs underneath. From simple quotes to intricate floral patterns, I have this thing with floors will have you imagining the many ways […]

Illustrations from Sasha Ignatiadou- Design Peeper

Illustrations from Sasha Ignatiadou

Sasha Ignatiadou is a Russian artist/Illustrator based out of Germany, North Rhine Westphalia. I  recently came across Sasha’s work while scrolling through my inspiration feed, and I must say that her illustrations have me wanting more. I immediately fell in love with her use of color and intricate botanical patterns. It’s amazing how she adds depth despite most of […]