Summer Vibes with DoDo Bar Or

This week I have constantly been torn between my day job and finding time to work on my personal projects, leaving me mentally and physically exhausted.  Words can’t explain how good it feels to be able to kick up your feet and just relax. But honestly in the midst of all this horrid winter weather, kicking up my feet and watching Netflix does not do the job. I need a beach ASAP.  So like any responsible adult, I started planning my pretend vacation. The location, the hotel, the activities, and yes yes the outfits. Just so you know the brand Dodo Bar Or Resort 2018 collection is on top of my shopping list. One thing that is extremely refreshing about this brand is the strong influences from Middle Eastern culture.Each piece is bold and captivating. There is no wonder that since the brand’s launch in 2014, they have been featured in countless magazines and spotted on numerous celebrities( Check out Alicia Keys in DoDo Bar Or). Also if the brand’s strong use of Middle Eastern culture doesn’t inspire you their bold color palette will. My favorite outfit would have to be the black and white romper with tassels and fringe, perfect summer vibes for my pretend vacation. Here are some of my favorite pieces.

Summer Vibes With DoDo Bar Or

Mia Kimono Dress


Summer Vibes With DoDo Bar Or

Maria Top



Summer Vibes With DoDo Bar Or Summer Vibes With DoDo Bar Or

Emanuelle ShirtVala Romper

Summer Vibes With DoDo Bar Or

Miranda Dress 

Summer Vibes With DoDo Bar Or

 Emanuelle Shirt



Summer Vibes With DoDo Bar Or

Bill Shirt



Summer Vibes With DoDo Bar Or

York Dress


Featured Photo Via DoDo Bar Or



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