Color Diaries: Bold Ultra-Violet Color Palettes

Oh Oh Oh, Ulta Violet. I have recently come to terms with the fact that Pantone has named Ultra Violet 2018 color of the year, despite the news breaking weeks ago. Frankly, I was a bit underwhelmed. I have never been one to use this color, mainly because the first thing that comes to mind is either Barney, School mascots, or on the rare occasion a  dark and menacing room in a Tim Burton film. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t really leave me excited to use in a design project. Being a firm believer that color is supposed to make people feel happy, the last place that I want to lay my head at night is in a room so dark that I am trembling under my sheets because I think the boogeyman is going to get me(yeah I went there).

“When you think of this color she perfectly sums up the originality, the inventiveness, the forward thinking, the non-conformity. “The exploration, the expression, the do your own thing. She thinks about things differently than anybody else. No boundaries.”

This is where the plot thickens. Even though I have my doubts about the use of Violet I am willing to experiment with it. After reading Pantone’s Vice President feelings above towards Ulta-Violet, I thought it was necessary to give this color another shot. It is such a bold color and evokes so much emotion that it can be a perfect contrasting color to add a statement. Was I wrong? Yes. Numerous designers have used this color in interesting ways that will make you think twice when choosing a color scheme for their next design project.

Color Diaries A bold and eclectic Ultra Violet color palette

This is such an unexpected combination of colors. I would have never thought to use these all in one room but it works perfectly. It’s fun, inviting, and colorful.

Image via House Beautiful 

Color Diaries A bold and eclectic Ultra Violet color palette

Image via Hunted Interior

It may just be me, but this room looks like a perfect symphony.Even though shades of violet a clearly present, no one color seems to overpower another.

Color Diaries A bold and eclectic Ultra Violet color palette

Images via The English Room

Gee Wilkers Batman do you see the pattern matching in this room. You absolutely have to love how designer Holly Hollingsworth Phillips skillfully added a bold eclectic touch using a violet sofa.

These are both two stunning designs. The left is a Miami Penthouse. If you look closely the walls have seashells. How adorable. The photo to the right is Justina Blakeney’s printed wallpaper available at Hygee and West. Am I the only one who thinks everything she does is amazing.

Images via 1st Dibs and  Hygee & West

Images via Collage VintageThe Cut, and Popsugar

If you would like to see more Ultra-Violet inspiration check out my Color Diaries Pinterest Board



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