Welcome to the Design Peeper. My name is Lauren and I am an aspiring graphic designer. I created this blog not only to chronicle my journey to becoming a better designer but also as a method of archiving all the things that I love, fashion, art, and design related that inspire me to be more creative. Hopefully, my journey will inspire all you beautiful peeps to go out there and explore and style your lives and create something awesome.


  • Lover of: Sugar waffles, prints and patterns, Netflix(it’s literally Bae), and modern art and illustration 
  • Describe your style: eclectic mix of unusual patterns, bright colors and anything black & white
  • What gets you in trouble: Shopping and reality TV
  • What inspires you: I try really hard to look at everything with a open mind to see the beauty in it. You never know what may catch your eye. But I definitely get goo-goo eyes when a designer is able to mix and match prints and color effortlessly #designgoals
  • What are your favorite stores: Oooh I have so many, but I always find myself going to Nordstrom or Bloomingdales


I do sometimes use affiliate links. This means that I receive a small commission on sales of products that I feature. Everything is curated by me. So rest assured that anything that you do see is a true reflection of my taste and something I truly love. Affiliate links have no influence on the content of my blog. If the content is sponsored or otherwise compensated the fact will be made very clear
I strive to have a 100% transparency policy when it comes to my blog.I always refer to the sources of anything that I feature. However, if you do have an issue with your work appearing on my blog please contact me at hello@designpeeper.com