Artsy Fartsy: Sofia Bonati Amazing Girls Illustrations

Hello, my fellow Art Peepers. Can you believe that it’s Thanksgiving already? I’m pretty sure that a majority of you are either considering how much you will eat today or browsing the interwebs for all the Black Friday deals. With all this holiday madness I thought it was important to have a change of pace and show you guys so major art inspiration.

Lately, I have made a habit of perusing Behance for inspiration. FYI it’s a great place to find projects from creatives you may have never heard of before. So you can only imagine my excitement when I came across Sofia Bonati’sportfolio. One word. Amazing. Sofia is a self-taught illustrator that resides in the United Kingdom. My favorite collection of would have to be Amazing Girls. You can’t help but be drawn in by her use of contrasting elements. You can check out the rest of her portfolio here.


Sofia Bonati-VANDA Sofia Bonati Amazing Girls- ORLA AND OLINDA Sofia Bonati Amazing Girls- Vlada Sofia Bonati Amazing girls- EUDOXIA

(Photos via Behance)

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